Design Patterns: Singleton

Characteristics 📚

  • Has only one object instance for the project
  • In many cases, it consider an anti-pattern

Hands-on 🤓

For the class that we want to involve with Singleton Pattern, we just include a private constructor and a method that return the existing instance:

public class Repository
private static IContext _context;
private Repository() { } public static IContext GetInstance()
if (_context is null)
_context = new Context.Context();
return _context;
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Console.WriteLine("Singleton Sample...");
var repository1 = Repository.Repository.GetInstance();
var repository2 = Repository.Repository.GetInstance();
if (repository1 is not null && repository1.Equals(repository2))
Console.WriteLine("Singleton works.");
throw new InvalidOperationException("Singleton failed.");

Conclusion ✔

  • It’s too easy to implement.
  • The same class supports a multithread environment incorrectly. Because may be create many different instance



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